HBC service concepts.

Smart technologies for quick and easy service.

HBC service concepts.
Smart technologies for quick and easy service.
radiomatic® iLOG

radiomatic® iLOG. Service without downtime.

radiomatic® iLOG is an electronic key on which the system address of the radio system is stored.


Your advantages:

  • If the transmitter is damaged, the operator can easily activate a spare transmitter with just a few easy steps.
  • Expensive downtime is prevented.


How it works:

  • If needed, the radiomatic® iLOG is removed from the original transmitter and plugged into the spare transmitter.
  • The spare transmitter is immediately operational, the original transmitter is safely deactivated.

merlin® technology. Discover “magical” possibilities.

product picture micron-M
  • Transmitter and receiver are not a fixed pair
    = easy transmitter warehousing.
  • Fast exchange of damaged transmitters
    = same-day service.
  • No expensive downtime for the customer.
  • No repair times.
  • Minimum spare parts warehousing.
  • Cut down on valuable repair capacity.
  • HBC feature catch-release included at no additional cost.
merlin® iLOG
HBC Detailshot of a merlin®-Technologie und iLOG product


micron M comes standard with merlin® iLOG. This electronic key has to be paired by means of the RMC (Receiver Master Card; included in the merlin® receiver’s scope of delivery) before micron M is first used (see operating instructions).

In service cases, the merlin® iLOG is used to quickly and conveniently activate a spare transmitter. Simply plug the merlin® iLOG into the new micron M transmitter and you’re ready to go.

If the original merlin® iLOG is lost, you can order a spare merlin® iLOG through our spare parts department.


merlin® RMC


By using the merlin® RMC (Receiver Master Card; included in the merlin® receiver’s scope of delivery), you can quickly and easily

  • pair the merlin® iLOG of the micron M with a merlin®
  • unpair the combination and pair again as often as needed.




  • More than one micron M transmitter can be paired with a merlin® receiver. 
  • For safety reasons, a merlin® receiver can only be controlled by one micron M transmitter at a time. If more than one micron M transmitters are paired to a merlin® receiver, the function catch-release is automatically activated (see operating instructions).
  • It is technically impossible that another operator activates control commands of the merlin® receiver at the same time with another micron M. This is indicated by the LED on the respective micron M transmitter.
  • A micron M can only be paired with exactly one merlin® By pairing it to another merlin® receiver, the previous pairing is automatically deleted from the micron M.
  • The merlin® Receiver Master Card (RMC) must be stored in a safe location after use.


Our spare parts offer


Article Order number
Hand loop micron M AS007200
Charging tray (without charging adapter) QC010A00
Power adapter (2.1 A charging current) with adapter for EU PA006020
Power adapter (2.1 A charging current) with universal adapter for US / AUS / UK PA006030


Please order spare parts through spareparts@radiomatic.com.

Please order spare transmitters through sales@radiomatic.com.


Terms of warranty


With your purchase of this HBC product, you have decided for high-level quality. The warranty covers 1 year, including all wear and tear parts*; the warranty period starts with the date of delivery.

Warranty claims with respect to these terms and conditions can be made to HBC directly or to an authorized HBC service partner. Place of fulfilment of the warranty is Crailsheim or the location of the HBC service partner. Any claims must be submitted to HBC or to the HBC service partner in writing explaining the details of the defect and full contact and address information must be provided. In addition, any claims must be accompanied by a signed verification that the product(s) being claimed defective under this warranty are within the respective warranty period. For verification, the claimant will reference the original dated shipping note. The statutory warranty rights in the case of material defects shall remain unaffected by these warranty terms and conditions.


Claim handling for HBC customers

In the unlikely case that your micron M transmitter malfunctions within the warranty period, please contact HBC in writing, providing a description of the defect. HBC will immediately send you a new micron M replacement transmitter. Please send the defective transmitter back to HBC. You will receive credit for shipping costs when the warranty claim is accepted by HBC.


*Please note that this is a product-specific warranty handling which is different from our General Terms and Conditions. In addition, a warranty entitlement does not exist if:

  • the transmitter has been opened;
  • the defect is the result of the fact that the customer has neglected the provisions regarding handling, maintenance and servicing as well as operating conditions, or if the defect has been caused intentionally or by obvious force;
  • the radio system, the spare component (spare transmitter / receiver), the spare / additional or accessory part has previously been refurbished, serviced, or handled by a company that is not recognized in writing by HBC, regardless of whether the defect is connected to this or not;
  • spare parts, especially batteries by third-party manufacturers, have been used that are not approved in writing by HBC, and / or parts have been used that are not approved in writing by HBC, and / or modifications have been made that were not explicitly authorized in writing by HBC, especially by third parties not authorized by HBC, regardless of whether the defect is connected to this or not;
  • the defect is caused by physical conditions that occasionally or permanently impair radio operation at the working site or
  • if the defect is caused by ordering a specification that is not permitted at the working site, especially radio specifications that are not permitted for regulatory reasons.
  • the customer is behind in payments to HBC.


Last update: 14 February 2017