focus E

The clever way to evade obstacles in the radio path.

focus E <p>The clever way to evade obstacles in the radio path.</p>

Your benefits:

  • Certain application scenarios may require controlling a machine from a physically separated area – for example when the operator is in a cab or in a protected control room.
  • Such a physical separation can impair transmission of radio signals.
  • focus E ensures a perfectly working radio connection even in such challenging conditions.

How it works:

  • The external radio module is installed as separated external antenna outside the work area where the radio link is impaired and in an ideal position near the radio receiver.
  • By means of cables, the operator can connect the module to the radio transmitter and the voltage supply.
  • focus E will send the control commands to the radio receiver and thus neutralize the shielding effect of the cab or control room.

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