Our values.

Reliable guidance for 70 years.

Our values. 
Reliable guidance for 70 years.
First-class quality produced by HBC-radiomatic.
Groundbreaking innovation.
Continuity & reliability.

To perfectly meet the demands of our global customers, HBC puts an emphasis on internal development, design and production. This is where our trademark is created: first-class quality “made by HBC”.

We develop and manufacture around 90 percent of all our components for our radio systems at our global production headquarters because we know we can provide the best quality by utilizing the experience and competence that we have acquired in the radio control business over the last 70 years.

Our most important asset is the knowledge of our employees. We foster this knowledge by offering additional training to our employees as well as with job training for young people. For example, every year, dozens of trainees get to experience first-hand what makes HBC quality so special.

The HBC joystick: Rugged quality.
HBC plastic housings: Robust and durable.
HBC radio modules: Reliable and powerful.

We continuously invest in the further development of our products. With smart ideas and revolutionary technologies, we have set the standards for decades. Our guidelines for innovations are the diverse requirements of our customers’ countless different applications, for which we offer decisive competitive advantages. Whether it is safety, operating comfort, or profitability: with HBC innovations our customers are always one step ahead!

Impressive technical milestones “made by HBC”:

Portafon 6: The first civilian radio-telephone in Germany after World War II.
The first HBC radio control for hazardous working areas in 1975.
First transmitter of the spectrum series. The HBC classic for crane and machine control since 1986.
First HBC radio controls with color display in 2010.

Reliable and long-term relationships create trust. As a family company, we put emphasis on strong partnerships. With our customers, who have trust in our products. With our suppliers, who value our reliability. With our employees, who are the basis for our continuity. This is how we ensure a long-lasting successful partnership and the continuous development of our company.

Job training at HBC. Proven for 70 years.
We are there for you. Personal and reliable.
Pointing the way ahead. Our production facilities in Crailsheim.