HBC at work

Join us for a tour of our company!

HBC at work
Join us for a tour of our company!

A photo tour of our company.

Our technical sales, spare part sales, accounting, and customs department are located in our Crailsheim headquarters.
Company headquarters
The entire product lifecycle is controlled by our Product Management department; from original concept to product succession.
Product management
About 20 electrical engineers and designers develop our electronic and mechanical components. Our focus is on safety, robustness and ergonomic handling, which ensures an optimum of operating comfort even under harsh conditions.
Systems development and mechanical construction
Our housings are CNC processed in our production facilities in the United States and Europe, each tailor-made to your application and requirements! Modern production technology and our competent employees ensure maximum precision.
CNC housing processing
Proven HBC joysticks and robust push buttons alike: for our operating elements, we rely on our own, internal manufacturing capabilities. After all, we know from our own experience what makes a good operating element. HBC-built batteries score with their performance and durability. They are sturdy and thus perfect for daily and demanding use.
Manufacturing of operating elements and batteries
In our PCB manufacturing department, we produce more than one million electronic modules every year. We use the SMD (= Surface Mounted Device) and THT (Through Hole Technology) procedures. With the help of several fully automatic production processes as well as intensive testing processes we ensure the highest level of precision and quality.
PCB mounting
This is where our electronic and mechanical components come together to form a complete HBC radio system. Each and every product is thoroughly tested and then packaged. We manufacture in three production lines – which allows us to produce proven standards and customized solutions alike.
System production
Our quality assurance department examines all components and radio systems with full-scale test procedures. This includes tests for moisture ingression and drop tests, as well as environmental tests for heat and cold temperature resistance. Our operating elements go through tough procedures under harsh conditions. This ensures the long-term quality and reliability of our products.
Quality assurance
Our customer service is prompt and reliable. Experienced technicians ensure that downtimes in service cases are reduced to a minimum. And of course they are always glad to answer any technical questions you may have.
Customer service